Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh youth

have been sick for a bit but today went into school to develop film and should have some soon for you. maybe sooner if i had a scanner and wasn't using alexandra only for hers all the time. haven't had pictures for awhile because i lost my film (which was the saddest thing ever) and haven't had any money in a long time. getting some tomorrow but spending it right away on tickets to see chain and the gang / tropics which will be fucking amazing. so much work to do and so many people to see with the weather getting warmer, but really happy that it is getting warmer. park parties and people returning from the east coast are things to look forward to. i need to save up money for the summer if i want to go to montreal or lollapalooza which is kind of me just dreaming big. so much text and my fingers won't stop typing. i wish this would work when i was writing my english essay. bring on the weekend. xx tess


  1. hey tess, hope your weekend was a good one. To answer your question with the furry of a professional, i actually shot those photos with a very basic point and shoot without any zoom and a very limited flash control. So no need to be impressed, i just ran the film through again to get the multiple exposures.

  2. really lovely photographs. i need to put your blog into my reader. has been a long time since i put a new blog under the category photography in my reader